• Nicola Adele

Scissorpunch. Therm Scissorpunch.

It took me a while to get here but I'm here. Why I needed a personal journey with this name, I'll never know! But here it goes.

When I first heard of Mr. Therm Scissorpunch, I was not amused. In fact, I was actually kind of pissed. Scissorpunch? Really??

I must admit, these last few months have left my fan-self a little sensitive. Maybe it's because with The Last Jedi, I felt a little laughed at, by the movie and movie-goers alike. When I first witnessed Luke tossing the most iconic of icons behind him in a hardy-har way, I can't lie, I felt totally insulted. I felt like I could feel Rian Johnson pointing at me and laughing and my astonished reaction. Why was that the choice made? Was it to truly get under the fans skin so we would loosen up and then Disney could move this franchise in any way it wanted? Is it soooo horrible that I was dying for that moment to be meaningful? Is it soooo horrible that us fans love that lightsaber? What was the point of making it a comedic moment other than smacking the fans right in the face? And so many other things, but I guess that is for another post.

Then came the fan backlash. The Last Jedi is a movie that I would consider good. Not great, not terrible, but simply good. Of course, not every fan felt that way. In fact, it seemed like most fans straight out hated it. Most of my discussions with other fans (and some people who merely saw the movie and probably couldn't even point out R2-D2) were pretty rough. Because I didn't absolutely hate the movie or because I didn't want to set Rian Johnson aflame, I was labeled a fake Star Wars fan. It left me a little... edgy. Though the fall out from Last Jedi has certainly cooled down, the feelings still linger, for, I'm sure, many of us.

Solo and its exciting trailers actually had been making me feel so much better! I was, again, proud to be a fan. Than I heard the name Therm Scissorpunch. A painfully obvious and ridiculous name. Something for another non-fan to throw at me and laugh about. I could hear it now from my annoying friend, "So, what's with Therm Scissorpunch?! Is that really a character?!" I'm tired of defending Star Wars and my love for it. Then it hit me. I was defending it more from myself than anyone else! What do I care what some annoying friend thinks? And will anyone really bring up Therm? Probably not. I assume he will be a pretty small character who will end up in a couple shots sitting next to Lando. In fact, this is probably the most anyone will ever talk about him. I've gotten so use to defending Star Wars that I'm now defending it from myself and imaginary discussion with friends. Was Therm Scissorpunch such a terrible name?? I mean, he's in a Han Solo movie. Han SOLO. A character name that is so literal, we thought we didn't even need a backstory for him (until Disney was like, "No, Solo needs explaining."). Luke SKYWALKER? The list goes on and on. Maybe I take Star Wars, and my love for it, too seriously sometimes. Maybe Therm Scissorpunch doesn't even matter and won't have a single line in the movie.

Now the name actually sounds pretty kick ass. Therm Scissorpunch. Eh, I can dig it. Star Wars, ya old bastard, ya got me again!!

What do you think about Mr. Therm Scissorpunch?? Horrible name or pure genius?? Let me know, I would LOVE to discuss it with you!!

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