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My Top Five Favorite Beauty Tools

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Hello loves!

Today, I’m coming in hot with a post about my personal favorite beauty tools! One of my favorite things is getting all prettied up and I have been through MILLIONS (ok not millions, but you get it) of different products in my time. Some were great, some were a flop and some I’ll never come back from. So! Here it goes! I’ll post links to all products I bring up here so you can snatch em up, too!

Double Ceramic ¾" Curling Iron

Over the years, I have found that Conair is a great brand. The straighteners and curling irons I have purchased from them have lasted the test of time and never let me down. I have had some products since 2007! They are a constant, reliable friend that, though, may not be totally flashy or trendy, is something I can always count on.

Buy it here!

Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is one of my most recent discoveries, but it quickly shot to the top of my favorites list! It is easy to use and can be used across multiple products. I use it to apply lotion, primer, foundation, concealer, conturing powder, highlighters… I mean, come on, this thing is amazing! To top it all off it blends beautifully and travels easily. Love this!

Buy it here!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Eyebrow Gel

My eyebrows can have a mind of their own sometimes and I find myself constantly needing to trim and pluck them. I have been using different eyebrow gels for some time, but there were always problems. It would flake in the middle of the day, it would hold too strong leaving me to feel like I can’t move my forehead without ruining what I’ve got going or it doesn’t hold at all and just smudges all the eyebrow pencil work I just put in. Even though it was something that I felt was necessary, I never plopped the cash down for a good one until I tested this one at Sephora. Whao! Instantly hooked, went on thin, held tight but still felt flexible and never ever ever flakes! WIN!

Buy it here!

Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid Lotion

I have used this face lotion for yeeeeears! I’ve tried many others ones at all different price points and yet I always come back to this one. The formula has changed a few times over the years but it still never disappoints. Moisturizing and clean, this lotion is pitch perfect.

Buy it here!

Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy

Don’t laugh! Yes, I still use and love Lip Smacker! It gives just the right amount of gloss and Cotton candy is the perfect shade of light pink.

Buy it here!

So, now its your turn! Do you agree or disagree? What are your favorite beauty products? Are there any products you always go back to no matter how far you stray?? Let me know in the comments and lets discuss!

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