• Nicola Adele

Damaged Hair, Super Care

Hello there!

Today, I want to talk HAIR! I have been dying my hair every color under the California sun for yeeeeears! Of course, that led to some extensive damage that no major cut could truly fix. I did, and have done, a lot of things to help keep my hair from the brink over the years. Some have worked and others were total fails. Today, I want to share one of my tried and true methods. For me, its all begins in the shower. I have a little routine that has really helped my hair over time. Even during the times I’ve strayed from my regimen (at 9 months pregnant, just shampooing was a major accomplishment) I always go back and my hair thanks me for it! So, here it goes!

First things first, depending on how much product I have used or how long I’ve been using dry shampoo, I’ll shampoo twice. It really cleans my hair and I get much more volume that way! But I warn you, dear reader, go forward with caution! It could lead to drying out your hair if you are not careful!

Once, I’ve finished shampooing comes conditioner but before I put that in, I try to “dry” my hair as much as I can. Typically, I do this by wringing it out till all that water weight leaves and get a quick pat dry in from my towel, then I add the conditioner. This helps the conditioner stay in my hair instead of slipping off down my back and straight to the drain.

Next, I grab my wide tooth shower comb and gently comb through my conditioned hair, from the ends up. When my hair was really long, I would wrap it up in a top knot using a plastic chop stick. I’m not kidding!

When I’m ready to wash it out, I go with a cold rinse. Don’t worry not too cold!! The follicles open up during the warm part of the shower so your hair gets to soak up all that conditioning goodness, and rinsing with cold water closes those follicles helping you really get everything you can out of that conditioner!

Well, that’s it! Of course there is plenty more once I’m out of the shower and if you would like to hear more, please let me know in the comments! Is this something your willing to try? If so, please do and let me know what you think! Do you have any damage reversal tips? Please share them below!!

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